Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to Thunderkatz Blog

Thunderkatz is not only a band, but a Movement, and moreover a Lifestyle. We will explore all facets of life, such as fashion, music, current events, etc., and various articles from band members.
Thunderkatz are a collective of 6 individuals who are about to explode on the international Pop Culture Scene. Music is only part of the message we expect to convey to all who are interested. Tkatz bring a freshness to music that has been missing for most of the decade. Thunderkatz are bold in our approach to the music game, not being intimidated to cross genres when we feel the necessity to do so. Self expression is a crucial part of who we are, and feel there is much to be explored as we grow as a movement.
Thunderkatz are a multi-racial juggernaut. We are Black, White, Asian, Female, and Mixed. We are ahead of the curve when it comes to not buying in to senseless stereotypes. Thunderkatz mash up our melting pot of ideas into a sound of love, fun, aggression, swagger, pop, and life. Thunderkatz are: 080, Ginger, Mel, Jus Jon, Benjive, and Juno. This Movement will be rolling into your city, town, and country, so hop aboard, and enjoy the ride!!!

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