Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thunderkatz Record Debut Single

Thunderkatz just recently recorded and mixed their debut single "Anything" in Atlanta studio Patchwerk. Patchwerk is famously known among the Hip-Hop, and R&B community for producing some of the greatest artist's in the genre. Artists such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Jamie Foxx, and Trick Daddy have Platinum hanging on the hallowed halls of Patchwerk. Thunderkatz felt that this would be a great place to cut it's first single. Not to be dissapointed, the studio was just amazing, and everything you could hope for. From the live room to the mixing console, it was on point to the maxx. Thunderkatz brought in consummate engineer Glen Marchese to record and mix. Glen is a veteran engineer who has worked with everyone from L.L Cool J to Mariah Carey.
Irv Gotti flew in from NYC to oversee the mixing of the single. Irv brought an excitement rarely seen from music CEO's. Feeding on all the positive energy that everyone was exuding during this unforgettable time at Patchwerk, is what really makes "Anything" Pop. "Anything" is a song that has been described as positive, hopeful, and most of all it's overall message is the ability to believe in yourself, that you can do anything, if you want it bad enough. "Anything" is the perfect song to launch the career of the Thunderkatz. It is a song that can cross over to a large number of radio formats.
"Anything" will be coming soon to a radio near you. Also the full length album to be released on Inc. Records/Universal-Motown will soon follow.

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