Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thunderkatz On Cover of Creative Loafing's Georgia Music Directory 08

Thunderkatz shot the cover for the Georgia Music Directory a few weeks back at the Atlanta Headquarters for Creative Loafing. The guide just arrived earlier today as the insert in the newest edition of Creative Loafing. We are beaming with emotion at how amazing the cover turned out. It's a really big deal for the band. We have a buzz in ATL, but not many Atliens actually know what we look like.

We would like to give a big shout out to Rodney Carmichael (Music Editor) for making this shoot possible, and hella fun. Also thanks to Creative Loafing for putting us out there, in one of the top music cities in the universe. Below is the article found on the inside cover of the music directory.

By Rodney Carmichael

It's been exactly one year since Irv Gotti announced to the crowd at Masquerade that the atlanta-based Thunderkatz were the newest signees to his label, the INC. For some groups that would feel like an eternity, especially considering their debut doesn't even have a scheduled release date yet.

But on a recent night at Patchwerk Studios, the members of the hip-pop band-080, June, Mel, Just Jon, Ginger and Benji-were upbeat, even if they were a little beat up after a string of late-night recording sessions. As they prepared to lay down tracks for their new single, "Anything," Gotti sat in the studio, eyes glued to his laptop, while he checked out the latest viral images of his signees.

"I think it's overwhelmingly dope," he said, "that, virally, they've already got a buzz." Creative Loafing agrees, which is why we decided to highlight the band on the cover of the 2008 Georgia Music Directory. Rather than languish on a major label while waiting for something to happen, Thunderkatz exemplify how today's artists are taking their careers into their own hands via the Internet. And frankly, the Georgia Music Directory is here to help. For that, Thunderkatz definitely embodies the mission behind this year's directory.

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