Sunday, November 9, 2008

Midday In The Garden Of Good And Lovely

Being on tour is a great thing for the most part, but it can be monotonous, grueling, and most of all, very uncomfortable. Having the simplest comforts that we normally take for granted are the most gratifying in such circumstances. A few days into Tkatz tour on our way to Philly from D.C.,O8O came up with the greatest idea; "We are gonna stop by Ma Ma and Pap Pap's. O8O was immediately on the phone dialing up his grandmother to ask if these hungry and tired Tkatz could stop by and raid her fridge. So we were on our way to Columbia Maryland to meet 080's amazing grandmother "Ma Ma". 20 minutes later we were pulling up to the household of Henry and Barbara Felton, better known to the Tkatz as Pap Pap and Ma Ma. 7 disheveled bodies lumbered up to the door of the lovely home of the Feltons, and were greeted with hugs and the enormous smile of "Ma Ma". She encouraged our motley crew to feel free to raid the fridge, cabinets and counters of her lovely kitchen. We munched on hummus and pita's, stuffing are face with just about any snack you can imagine and Mel and 080 was busy scarfing down fried fish. We were even welcome to quench our thirst with mini budweiser's from Pap Pap's stash. The home was very classic in design and the walls were full of some incredible paintings from Pap Pap. I honestly did not want to leave this gorgeous abode. While stuffing down pita and hummus, I caught a glimpse of the back yard area and was instantly awe struck at the Zen garden that was just outside the sliding glass door. I asked Ma Ma if I could visit the serene garden, and of course she obliged. I was struck with a feeling of peace and calm being in this garden that looked as if it came right out of a novel. I snapped a few iphone pics and posted them below for all to enjoy this magnificent Zen Garden. These are the experiences in life no matter how simple and short that I will carry with me forever. My only regret is that I didn't get to meet Pap Pap. He was out for the day, and I hope to meet him soon. I will be blogging some of his remarkable paintings in an upcoming blog.

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