Friday, November 7, 2008

Artist Profile: Jacklin Ariel Jones

I first experienced the artwork of Jacklin Ariel Jones at Solstice Cafe' located in the Grant Park section of Atlanta. Solstice is a very hip lounge that boasts some very intruiging local artwork. Ginger was a bartender at the time, and it was one of Tkatz favorite nightly haunts. I was simply amazed at the artwork displayed by Jacklin. What amazed me the most was her age. Her work is far beyond her 20 years. She works in many different mediums of art, such as sculpture, photography, and painting. Her work also does not follow any singular theme as most artists I have met. Jacklin will no doubt make an enormous impact on the art world. She has already made a huge impact on those of us lucky enough to have seen her amazing and growing talent. If you are interested in checking out her work please go to

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