Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo Slice Gets Knocked The F@CK Out

Miami street brawling legend and Youtube sensation Kimbo Slice aka Kevin Ferguson got knocked out Saturday night at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise Florida. The fight was the main event for CBS's Elite XE. Kimbo was scheduled to fight washed up mixed martial arts fighter Ken Shamrock, but Shamrock cut his eye during a sparring session earlier in the day, and wasn't allowed to fight Slice. Elite XE pulled Seth Petruzelli from an undercard fight and placed him in the main event against Slice. Petruzelli is much smaller than Kimbo, but has alot more experience. It only took Petruzelli 14 seconds to stun and K.O Kimbo, which shocked the Bank Atlantic Center, and also shocked the hell out of me. I was stunned when Kimbo went down after the first punch. To Kimbo's credit he took this fight having zero knowledge of Petruzelli's style. Kimbo made good on his promise to fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately it blew up in Kimbo's face on national television. I hope that Kimbo can recover from this, but only time will tell if Slice really belongs in the elite sport of mixed martial arts.

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pbrite said...

this was proof positive that he DOESN'T belong. Did he research guys he fought off the street? Hardly. He's probably not even worked out fighting in front of such large crowds. It wouldnt' surprise me if previous fighters were asked to "carry" him along. Youtube battles are one thing; even fighting in a hotel ring is another. Even Brock Lesnar pretend-fought in rings for years!