Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama chooses Biden as VP Running Mate

After weeks of speculation, Senator Barack Obama finally announced yesterday that he wants long time Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. The choice may have let down many Hillary Clinton supporters as the "Dream Ticket" never came to fruition. The choice of Biden however was probably the best choice, but maybe not the popular one. Joe Biden brings 35 years of experience to the ticket and is a well liked Senator around Washington D.C and very well received around the world. He is the chairman of the foreign relations commitee, which will relieve most tensions of Senator Obama's lack of foreign policy experience. Biden is a fighter for "blue collar" workers, and has dedicated his tenure to strengthen the "middle class". He is nearly 20 years older than Obama, and has a wealth of experience that Obama can use to bring America back to a respectable and more prosperous country. The Democratic base is ecstatic about the Obama-Biden partnership as the convention in Denver starts tomorrow.

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