Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac was truly a Comic Legend

Bernie Mac was larger than life. From his roots on the South Side of Chicago to the big screen and television, he slipped into his parts with a comic prowess that had been honed for decades. The first time I remember seeing Bernie was in the cult classic "Friday", where he played a not so legit man of the cloth. He was just brilliant as "Pastor Clever" as he shrieked in terror when chased by pint sized "Mr. Parker" after getting busted messing around with Mrs. Parker. Bernie could do more acting with those giant eyes than most can with their whole body. He brought such a human quality to all of his characters, although most of those characters were flawed, which really gave him a great platform to convince the audience. His range was much broader than most people realize. In any format, be it stand up comedy(The Original Kings of Comedy, movies(Ocean's 11 Trilogy) or television(The Bernie Mac Show) he made us laugh and entertained the hell out of us. His contributions to the entertainment industry will be sorely missed. As fellow Ocean's 11 cast mate Don Cheadle stated, "Heaven just got a lot funnier". Bernie Mac was only 50 when he left us this week, but he touched us and entertained us as though he had been around for a hundred years.

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