Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie Review: X-Files:

I want to Believe by P@dge

I wanted to believe that this movie was going to be some continuation of the last movie released in 1993, but it was not. Instead, the movie reminded me of one of the older TV episodes where there was some strange non-alien phenomenon under investigation by Mulder and Scully. Let me give you the bottom lines on this flick:

· No aliens
· Annoying, almost “ER” like hospital scenes with Scully that bored me
· Mulder and Scully are living together now and no longer work for the FBI

In fact, the best part of the movie was finding out slowly that Mulder and Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, finally hooked up and are living together. The story does have a lot of interesting character background that I assume was an attempt to get the audience thinking about related modern issues. Some of these issues were: priest pedophiles and redemption, stem cell research, and the extent of gay love. Without giving too much away, the plotline is essentially the investigation of a missing FBI agent that ultimately leads to the discovery of a Russian gay lover trying to save his partner using a modern day Frankenstein doctor. There is also a hint of what would have been an interesting crush by actress Amanda Peet on Mulder before she gets killed. So, in essence we have a movie that will moderately please the dedicated fan base, but ultimately disappoint everyone. As I walked out of the theatre I summed it up in my head as follows: it was not bad, but I would have liked it a lot more if the gay Russian lover was saving his partner so they could feed him to an alien. I would have been happier eating a hot pocket and watching G4 TV.


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Anonymous said...

Was planning on seeing this. Thanks for the heads up. Don't want to waste my time or dimes.