Monday, July 7, 2008

Ferrari “we give up, you do it…”

Seems Italian car maker Ferrari has had just about enough of their whinny customers wanting custom this and custom that on their mid-life crisis. More than enough customers have waltzed into their Maranello headquarters with their own design ideas of the perfect Ferrari to convince executives at Ferrari to launch a “One Off” program. I can almost hear the conversation now between two Ferrari generals….Ferrari Exective #1 ” Asa matter witha all of dees people and their-a estupid designs ideas…? Mama mia! Whata we gonna do-a to shut-a dem up-a?” Ferrari Executive #2 ” Hey, I gotta a good idea! We take-a der money and we let-a them make-a whatever dey want-a…” Ferrari Executive #1 “ok, but no SUVs-a and no Ferrari Mini Vans-a”. So that’s the deal. For two million Euros you can bring in your own design. As long as it fits onto a current Ferrari chassis and your check clears, you can have your very own Ferrari “Dave” or Ferrari “Mohammed” or Ferrari “Takashi”… Enzo is spinning in his hand stitched leather grave.

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