Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spoken Word from Juno

I never walked a day in any man's shoes. It all comes down to how we choose. Our time is short. We must not abort conventional wisdom. The report stated clearly ,that the state of confusion, will become our 51'st state. I can't elaborate on how everyone feels, but it gives me chills, how distilled conservative diatribe doesn't deserve mass appeal. The seal of disapproval was stamped on the stump last election, as dereliction prevailed. As I reflect, my reflection doesn't look anything like me. In fact, these are the facts:Night and Day have reversed. Unrehearsed, gravity has kept me on earth. Depravity is relevant as benevolence is lost. My mind is madeup of deep thoughts, but at what cost? I can't afford to think. I thought about you. No doubt about it . . . Shout!!! They will hear us. It's us against them. Defend peace before the pieces no longer fit. I don't fit into any mold. Unfold the truth and it shall set you free, and freedom is our first right, if the "Right" will just leave us alone already . . . This steady stream of consciousness, unconsciously bleeds my brain. I will not refrain my thoughts. As I stand here, the fear subsides, skies open wide, as rain washes away the pain. Who's to blame? Me, myself, and I. The id, ego, and superego. Please go now; she said. I wore out my welcome, like a worn out 45, that skips like a broken record. And for the record, I am guilty until proven innocent. I am a product of my environment. I meant no harm. My ALARM!!!! sounded, and I finally woke up.

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