Tuesday, May 6, 2008


As everyone knows or will know soon, the Thunderkatz are all about unique style and creating a movement. I ran across a totally new concept that combines both style and community…. 2 things that are important to the band. The company is called Inacronym.com and the concept is called Inacronyms. Basically, inacronyms are a series of symbols that represent your personal profile. The idea is that you meet new people through an advertisement you make about yourself on a shirt/hoodie. I was hooked when I saw the concept on people at a recent show we did in Atlanta. I ordered a hoodie the next day and it is dope! I have an Inacronym on my hoodie that says I am a musician, liberal and have a sarcastic sense of humor… which is true. I think it's a fun and cool way to meet new people. People are always curious as to what these symbols mean. Check the site out and learn the concept. Oh, and by the way, email them and tell them to make a ThunderKatz inacronym!

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