Monday, May 26, 2008

Check Out: Cudi by:o8o

Hey what up yall this is o8o. I have this song stuck in my head from my adventures of hosting Afterlife ATL, and constantly hearing it. So I came across it on blog and decided to contribute it to so check it out:

Kudi Cudi is official. Cudi reigning from Oh-Hi-Hoe! (OHIO) is another emcee bound to bring hip-hop back. His hooks are catchy as a mugg and beat's are sitting right there next to em'.
He recently signed to FOOLS GOLD RECORDS (A-trak's Label) and has been putting out nothing but fire.
His first track "Day N Nite" had me hooked by the first time I heard the hook.His new joint: "Dat New New" is another banger with a hook that could catch any fish in the sea. Crank that thang up and SEE for yourself.

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